BFF and I went on a nightshoot yesterday (above pic is from April). It was my first time to really work with a tripod. Yes, I used a tripod for my Sunlight Session but there I wasn't walking around trying to capture different kinds of pictures every few steps I walked. It was really interesting though.

One thing I learned is, that my Nikon F90 needs a certain amount of light to focus. So for several pictures I had to go on manual focus.

Secondly a remote control would be nice for night shots because of the long exposures.

Thirdly, people aren't afraid of cameras at night. Though one nightguard at the shopping mile enquired what we were doing. Because if we had taken pictures for business we would need a permit. Since it was just for our own fun, it's okay. I must've looked really impressive and like a pro with my big camera and my big camera bag.

Fourth, I want a tripod as a birthday present. I was so envious when I found out that BFF has 2 tripods. I used one of hers over the last months, but I thought it was the only one she got and felt a bit guilty. Whoops.

Fifth, I'll want to do more object (still life) photography. There is this one photography book about it and I've decided to save up for it (50€, ouch). Don't know why those books have to be this expensive.

The two films I shot go into development today, should be interesting to see the results. In any case Chris and I want to go for another photosafiri (our special word for these occasions) in the evening sometime soon. We didn't get far yesterday and she hadn't brought my lomo and I really want to work on my night shots with that camera.


  1. This is quite cool. I love the spot of blue.

  2. Love it. Especially because it's so underexposed. Nice!