Against and along

Against the sun and along the stem. As you probably have realized by now I love to take pictures in sun direction, somehow these photos are always special. And the Lomo Fisheye 2 give the picture always the certain thing, that a digital or even a normal analogue camera can't (believe me I've tried with my exa1a, with my Nikon F90, with my Ixus and with my Dads Nikon F75, they were never as good as the Lomos photos). Which is surprising, well, at least it is to me.

When I showed my Mom proudly one of my last developed films with totally awesome pictures (Chris said so too), my Mom just said that I shouldn't take pictures in sun direction anymore, since the foreground is often too dark to see details. It took me a lot of my superhuman strength to not bang my head several times on the next available wall. Yep, my mom is really supportive when it comes to my photography and art. (The stuff that drips from the last sentence is sarcasm, should you wonder.) My Dad really likes my photography and says so, he even stated that I should do an exhibition!!! And he supports me sporadically with bringing me some fresh films or lending me his Nikon F75 (as much as I love my Nikon F90, it's too heavy. I wonder if Nikon thought that the F90 would only used by bodybuilders?!)