Wolkenburgs suspension bridge with my mom

Okay, so yesterday was the first time since 1997 that I applied as a photographer. Back then I applied for an apprenticeship, yesterday as a product photographer. Cross your fingers for me to get this job, because it is an interesting company and I really would like to work as a photographer who doesn't have to take pics of people. 90 percent of the job openings for photographers are for portraits and people photography.  Mind you, I don't think bad of people or people photography or people photographers, it's just that I prefer to photograph things and architecture (they mostly don't move or talk back or get mad at you).


  1. I love suspended bridges and this is a great shot of one of them. Good luck, hope you'll get the job :-)

  2. I wish you good luck!
    Nice image and a nice blog.

    Gunn / Norwegen