I really shouldn't

talk about what I'm going to do, because then I never seem to do it. I neither drew a big picture yesterday nor did I take photo of any person attending the wave-gothic-meeting so far. "San, you are bad artist, now go and stand in your corner and think about what you haven't done."

The picture shows the New Palais in Sanssouci in the evening light. It was an amazing day.

Have a fantastic Monday.


  1. What a gorgeous building! Lovely light and shot too.

  2. You really should... eliminate 'shouldn't' - AND 'should' - from your vocabulary! And while we're at it - so should I.

    Creativity is such a strange thing. The 'magic' hits when it hits - we can't force it. It's like with those kids, and that light, and expecting to do these really sombre portraits - and they got all goofy on me, so it was a whole different thing.

    Amazing that you've been to Hastings! Isn't it such a weird and wonderful place? The last time WE were there was about 15 years ago - 14, maybe (1997?) and then his friend got divorced, moved to Spain, LA, and now has returned full circle - with his new, younger girlfriend - my new friend Emma.

    Thanks for stopping by. And yes, this building - I'm going to look up the New Palais in Sanssouci now - is gorgeous. It's all about the light, always about the light. And you're San, and it's the Sanssouci! Hope you're having a great Monday, too.