Castle gate from a different point of view

This is the gate to the Wolkenburg castle, in case you didn't notice. ;-)

I stayed true to myself yesterday in not photographing people. So if you want to see some of the awesome costumes of the wave-gothig-meeting, you have to look here: http://nachrichten.lvz-online.de/citynews-wgt-picknick/r-detailansicht-galerie-2093-47581.html

However I found out that there is a term for the kind of style I'm going for clothingwise, it's called Steampunk. I love it, I think I finally found my people. ;-)
At least clothingwise, can't say so for the music. XD

A really good Steampunk gallery you'll find here: http://clockworker.tumblr.com/

I even found, that I already have the right earrings, some blouses and shoes for this clothing style. I will overhaul my black bowler hat and then there are the trousers (which I will get in an equestrian shop), the corsets and the rest... Well, what do you think Leipzig has so many gothic shops for and then there are DaWanda and etsy?! I'm really excited about this. Wohoo.

Have a great day and thank you all for your kind comments.

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