Brand new drawings in my shop

I have drawn those three this morning!

"Black Diamond"

Black diamond, Original black ink drawing, (22 € + shipping): http://de.dawanda.com/product/20562361-Originalzeichnung---Quadratisch---Black-Diamond

Postcard #52

Postcard #52, Original black ink drawing, (9 € + shipping): http://de.dawanda.com/product/20563089-Originalzeichnung---Postkarte-52---Minikunstwerk

"The Green Why"

The Green Why, Original green fineliner drawing, (22 € + shipping): http://de.dawanda.com/product/20562753-Originalzeichnung-Quadratisch--Green-Why

DaWanda is also celebrating the current women's soccer world cup and therefore in the next few days some categories (two per day) give 11% off the original price. The categories are changed daily and no, I don't have a clue when which category will be chosen.
I take part in this special offering, so check out DaWanda in the next few days, to see when art (or whatever you like) is 11% off and to buy what you like a tad cheaper.

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