4th of January = Ouch

Yesterday was a really bad day for me. I went to my dentist 3 times, because my gums were trying to kill me. The postcard describes yesterday pretty good. Pain, sleep and Totoro. Today is a wee bit better, mainly because I now have strong enough pain meds and can watch "My neighbor Totoro" as often as I like, because I picked up the DVD on my way home from my last dentists visit.
Today I went to my dentist only once and as it looks I'll do so tomorrow again. I also ordered "The Dr Who" Series 4 and 5 from the UK today, but it won't be here before the weekend. Somehow Dr. Who isn't available in Germany. Good thing that we have the European Community and therefore no customs (duty) between the countries anymore. Hehe.

Tomorrow I'll try the film scan for the first time at my new scanner, hopefully it works out well. I have one film with really awesome pics left from my vacation in Austria and I really want to show them to you in good quality (without striations).

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