Have you ever had such days on which you can't fully wake up, but neither sleep to get rid of the tiredness? Yesterday was such a day for me. Even though I've been out and about, I couldn't shake off the tiredness or take a refreshing nap.

Today is much better and I will use it to finally cross off a lot of items from to-do-list.

One thing was good yesterday, I realized that the changes I made at the of 2011 are starting to really make a positive difference in my life.
For example I finally started to write down what I spend everyday, again (I did so in university but through the past years I didn't). Which means I now know exactly where my money went. I stopped shopping groceries with my Dad, which lead to less spending and less leftover food. I've become a conscious spender, which means I think before I buy something, does it take me nearer to my goals or further away.

Being a conscious spender has made probably the biggest impact, that and the fact that I now know my goals. It's quite funny, goals make everything easier.
And because those changes are finally getting a grip and speeding me up towards my goals, it was yesterday for the first time that I actually had the feeling that I will reach this years goals. Which feels fantastic!!

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