The end is a new beginning, the darkness that gives birth to the light

No, I have not become religious! Instead I have come to a decision. But let me start at the beginning.

Looking through a water pipe

First there was nothing and then there was a big bang.... No, no, no, not that far back. ;-)

It started yesterday evening when I drew Tarot cards for today. Yes, I drew more than one card, since I had a very important dentist appointment today. Almost all cards I got were "bad" cards: The Devil, The Hanged Man, etc. Naturally I wasn't happy about these cards in sight of my dentists appointment, since I didn't want to sacrifice my tooth, so I tried to cheat and drew card after card. ;-) But all I got were cards that had more or less the same meaning, pointing into the same direction, like the Devil and the Hanged Man. The Hanged Man means that there has to be a sacrifice to end a deadlock. In case of the Devil, the card description speaks from "the darkness that births the light", the reason for the chosen picture above, the cards meaning is the Natural End.

Now it's one day later and I'm smarter. The good news my tooth is fine. It actually looks like a tooth again, but the gums around it are hurting. The dear Tarot wasn't referring to my tooth, but to...

Hahah, won't tell ya...

After this realization (at my favourite café) I bought a few fortune cookies for some friends (New Years tradition of ours) and I also got one for myself, it said: "If you look in the right place you'll find what you look for". And todays Elle UK horoscope makes sense now, too: "If you’re feeling like you must transform now or never, you’re right in line with the times. The 2012 energies are strong right now, and because your element is being touched off by both the Moon and the Sun today, you can feel how truly powerful you are. Ban all anxiety and invite triumph into your life."

  Today I also got a place in the illustration workshop on January 21st, which I was afraid to be already sold out or to be cancelled (which happened to all the courses at the adult education center that I signed up for during 2011). I'm really excited about taking part in this workshop.

I think 2012 is starting of very well for me.

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  1. I like how the water pipe reveals a sun or moon on the other end! Anyway, your Tarot cards seem just right for the new year -- leave the past behind, and move on. Happy New Year!