Colors are fun in the winter

Ouuuuh, it's finally getting cold in Leipzig, there might even be snow. Since there are mostly "non-colors"* to be seen outside, I crave every bit of shiny color. Even yellow roadblocks are a welcome difference to the boredom of the rest of the world. What kind of colors do you crave currently?

*non-colors are "colors" like beige, camel and mudbrown and the uninspired tones of grey.


  1. Yes, especially in the winter! :-)

  2. So true! I kind of have this 'rule' in winter - just like I have to eat some chocolate every day (Nutella is my favourite) - that I have to wear some bright colour. Currently it's a hot pink watch - I like combining hot pink with orange - but I'm also 'craving' bright blues and greens. Oh! And for a long time, all through December and early January, I was wearing bright gold, slightly chartreuse, metallic nails. I've only just switched to pale pink, but I make up for it by wearing something bright somewhere else, like turquoise bracelets.

    It's very important, I feel, in winter to surround ourselves with something colourful! And love how you transformed that road sign into a work of art.

    Thanks for stopping by, San, and for your lovely comment. Sorry I've been a bit absent lately - but was thinking of you and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2012! xxx

  3. I have been guilty of ambling about in non-colors for weeks. Thanks for the reminder that colors exist even in winter! And Aeon Flux is great inspiration for a superheroine hairdo and wardrobe!