Setting Sail for a new life

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present my brand new 360°-bag called "Paula" in the floral design.

The reasons for this buy were manifold. This bag is off-white (a little ray of sunshine in the currently very dull world). It is extremely light, because it is made of sails that have already powered a ship, reusing stuff is cool. Every bag is unique because of the sails that have been used. And it has exactly the right size for me.

The bags that I used before:

I don't want to use my Deuter backpack anymore. Even though it's still in great condition and really practical, I just don't like to use it anymore. Since for me it belongs to my student era and it doesn't fit my new style and even more important: you can't go to the city without seeing someone having a Deuter backpack in use. For about 2 1/2 years now Deuter is everywhere. Reason enough for me to use it only for sports and grocery shopping for the weekend. After all it is a bike backpack not one for the city.

My Crumpler bag is wayyyyyyy too heavy. I love my Crumpler, it has been to Hawaii and the Mauna Kea with me. It has a lot of inside pockets and this is what makes it soooo darned heavy, even when it is completely empty. And it is black. Now being black on the outside isn't exactly bad, but when you go to your city the next time look at the bags of the other people around you. What is the color most often used for the bags? Black, right. What do most people wear during the winter? Dark colors.
Depressing and a bit too big for me (I look like an adolescent wearing a bag that I still have to grow into.)

My slightly depressing "zwei" bag. It looks big enough, but it's a bit too small to fit my MacBook Pro or a normal A4 paper in it. And it's dark blue. sigh.

So, yeah. I love my new 360°-bag.

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