Muffin Paper - What a Surprise

I found out this Sunday that I can actually draw. 'What's so surprising about this?', you might ask. Well, I've been told time and again that I can't draw! My parents and my art teachers back in school said so. Imagine my surprise on Sunday at my local coffee shop when I found that I could actually draw this picture of the left over muffin paper within mere 30 minutes or so. So I figure I am capable to draw whatever I want to draw.

I can draw! Wohooo.


  1. Hooray! Well of course. It is a skill like any other, than one can develop over time. You are capable! Now keep at it, and sometimes you'll surprise yourself. Those are good days. ;)

  2. I usually don't waste my time if there's no thumbnail pic to lead me to your IF. That said, I'm happy with your 'happy ending.'