The curious pattern of tree bark

As a matter of fact I'm endlessly fascinated with tree bark and its patterns and trees growing patterns in itself.

Well there is a 6-day-workweek ahead of me, with lots of stuff on my to-do-list besides my job in logistics. Nevertheless my mood is astonishingly fantastic, might be that I've already became an active member at the creative club I've joined or that I had a beautiful and successful day yesterday or that I paid myself my first "fatmoney".

I hope you are in a good mood too and make the best of your new week. What have you planned to make it special? I'll have another pondering Sunday on my coffee shop with one free Caffe Latte. Wohoo.

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  1. Nature's patterns are indeed incredibly fascinating!

    Your creative club sounds wonderful. I'm part of a non-profit group of like-minded ladies over here and it is such a mood booster to meet up focusing on art, etc.!

    Have a good week!