Feel the fear and do it anyway

Let me get this straight: Tuesdays SUCK! I don't know what it is with Tuesdays and me, but we don't get along well. Yesterday was such a crappy Tuesday again. I had no energy whatsoever and my mood was truly rotten.

Even though I was in such a hole I finally gathered the courage to do something that I had wanted to do for years, but I just was to scared in the last moment to do so. Sometimes I need a last push, in my case it was this blogpost: http://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2011/11/07/swab-your-cheeks-for-amit
I'm probably not a match for Amit, but there is a chance that I can save another persons life with my bone marrow or stem cells. So yes, I've registered yesterday at the DKMS. After I did it I felt quite enthusiastic about it, but in the evening I was having second thoughts. Which is my normal time to start to fuss about things that I've done that day. This morning I'm feeling great and am still proud that I finally took this step, even though I'm a bit scared. I think Susan Jeffers, who wrote the book titled "Feel the fear and do it anyway", would be proud too.

What about you? Are you registered as a bone marrow donor? Or do you donate blood? I did donate blood once. Afterwards I was always prohibited because of some of the prescription drugs I had to take or had taken months before the donation. Anyhow, I'm excited of the prospect to might be abled to save somebody out there, just by being who I am.

Oh, my Elle UK - Horoscope is also really good today: The planet of illusion and delusion {Neptune, in case you didn't know. I didn't know, until I checked some other signs.} is finally coming out of retrograde today. You’ll be delighted to feel a lifting of the spacey feeling you’ve been complaining about for the past several months. Yes, you can finally get back to your favored focus-and-finish mode. Distractions can’t hurt you now, Virgo.

Okay, now, since my world is getting back into the swing of things I'm off to finally post the birthday present of a dear friend of mine. Only one month late. Well, she knows why I'm late and doesn't mind. And she isn't the one who's getting it latest. I'm currently working on a birthday present for a friend whose birthday is exactly two months gone. Well, she gets it as a combined birthday-christmas present. Which leaves me still pondering the gift for Chris. Her birthday is next week and I'm pondering her present for three months now and haven't really come up with an idea that I really like. The real fun part is, she still hasn't gotten her gift for last year, but in that case it's our combined fault, we somehow don't make it to the shop where she is to choose her earrings. The one time we made it (9 months after her birthday, she got total information overload and couldn't decide what she wanted. Which was incidently my first reaction to the Perlentaucher too. Well, maybe we finally get this done next week.

The picture is from the Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. It was taken around 9 PM. Gee, I wish it was summer again.

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