The Sunshine Fountain

Good Morning.

It's Friday and that means the weekend is only a few hours away. I don't know about you, but my Thursday was brilliant. I've got tons of stuff done and therefore my to-do-list was shrinking away like a waterlily in the Sahara. I was also quite creative, I drew several new postcards* and I took a few pics when I went for a walk during the golden hour. And I finished my day off with watching a few nice movies.

Today, I have also tons of stuff to do, a lot of it is related to San's Visual Art. In any case I wish all of you a wonderful Friday. And if you are searching for holiday gifts check out Dawanda and etsy.

"The Sunshine Fountain" is on offer in my Dawanda-Shop and will be on offer in my etsy-shop shortly.

* some of them I might offer as a set in my shops**
** Yes, I've decided to give etsy a chance.

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  1. That's beautiful sounding -- "Dawanda". Where does it come from and what does it mean?

    It's wonderful to hear you are having a creative streak. I think that's what makes us feel really alive!