In need of comfort

You know: I literally HATE the month November. Its not a dislike but pure HATRED. It is grey, it's cold, what's even worse it is a wet cold that creeps into your bones, the days go unbearably shorter day by day by day, the people around us become irritable, the year end crazyness gets to everyone, this month plainly just SUCKS.

On days like this I need comfort. Comfort to me means: a warm cup of hot and awesome tea*, a thick and cosy planket to curl up in, a good book to read**, cooking and enjoying dinners with friends (in my own flat, so that I don't have to go out), watching good movies with friends including nice popcorn, watching Harry Potter 1 or 2***, warm footbaths, finding letters and postcards from friends in my mailbox or looking at pictures like this above and remembering the joy of the moment. This picture I took at the Teeschale Prerow, which is an awesome, cozy and really comforting teahouse on the Darss. The two balls aren't icecream but homemade whipped cream, in fact it was the best whipped cream I ever had in my life. I just LOVED it. The cake was good too, but the whipped cream certainly was the star. I loved the whole experience. My Dad and I were sitting in this little nook and thorougly enjoyed our tea and food. One word of advice if you want to visit the Teeschale and the Darss in general, go during the off-season. It has many advantages and you actually get a table at the Teeschale and can enjoy your food in relative quiet. During the season...

What is comfort to you? What helps you to wind down and losen up?

* currently I just loooove verbena tea
** for example "Elegance" by Kathleen Tessaro
*** the others are too cold and provide no comfort

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  1. I share the same feelings for January. It's the perfect time for me to travel south in search of the sun and hot weather... and a tropical beach! :-)