New Product: The Zen-Postcard-Set in Black

As I've already told you way back in October this set is a combination of calm and humour. Since my friend, who I gave it for his birthday, thought it's totally awesome, I sell it now on my shop. The circle means emptiness and completion and is often used as the symbol for Zen. Which, funnily enough, I only found out after I had created the set.

Now, there are three cards, three circles but endless uses. Naturally you can use those cards to send them to your loved ones, but you can also use them for meditation and decoration of your home. I will eventually put this set up in different colors. So if you want it in your favourite color just write me an email and I'll make a set in that chosen colour.

By the way, I photographed these pictures in a "new" way, meaning I put them on a black cardboard on my easel. This gives them a much more sophisticated touch as the scans that I used before.

You like it, then you can buy it here: San's Visual Art - DaWanda-Shop

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