Today I'm in a pondering mood. Going to a meeting of Kreatives Leipzig e.V., which is the local club of creative people that I've joined recently, yesterday evening gave me a lot to think about. And so did the meeting with DaWanda-Artisans on Monday. So the next few days I'll do exactly that: pondering things related to my art and what I want to do next and the big picture for the future.

Apropos picture, the one above I took in the Ozeaneum in Stralsund. Which is in my opinion way too expensive. But find out for yourself if you like it and if it is worth the fee.

Soon I'm meeting up with Chris for a stroll and chat and after that I have a chock full to do list.

Did you stumble upon things to ponder this past week or month?!

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  1. I love having the time for a creative ponder - it's always when I come up with new ideas I want to pursue. FAvorite pondering times are on trian journeys (with notebook in hand) or on solo walks around the fields behind my house. It's great to tkae those moments to make head-space.