Geometric Forms embedded into Nature and the joy of a full mailbox

Going through my pictures today, while preparing my next few posts, I just realized that I currently totally like photographies that show architectural structures and therefore geometric forms embedded into nature. Thus the new series on this blog that comes without a certain schedule.

Today I took the afternoon off, since I was pretty tired and that even with 7 hours of sleep last night! 

I seriously went to bed at 7:30 PM and turned of the light at 8:15 PM. However it didn't seem to matter, when my alarm clock rang at 4:33 AM, I nearly fell out of the bed. 

Yesterday was kinda interesting. Somehow the Universe seems to want me to befriend Tuesdays again. If you read this blog you probably know that Tuesdays and I aren't the best of friends. I have no problems with the other days of the week, but Tuesdays always tended to be a bit off. 

Sooo, during the last weeks, Tuesdays were the days when I found nice postcards in the mail. Yes, plural. However yesterday, the Universe had gotten out the big guns: 4 postcards, 1 letter and the second hand book I had ordered I found in my mailbox! I dare say this was a very happy day for my mailbox and me. *grinning from ear to ear* Especially since the letter contained a christmas calendar in card form from a dear friend. It seems as if all the letter- and cardwriting I do starts paying off and my friends are getting around to using snailmail again. ;-) Because last week I got a letter from another dear friend and the week before that I received a card from another friend who wasn't even on holiday but answered to the letter I had send her before.* After all she is checking her physical mailbox daily, but she checks her emails only every few weeks or so. So it's actually faster to use snailmail with her, how fun is that?!

* I'm not telling you that my letter was six pages long and she only used one postcard. Ahem...

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