Fog city

Personally I really like fog. Fog that lets you see only 50 meters is my favourite. I like how it rolls in the light of lamps and how it obscures the world, how it makes the world slow down, how it turns down the noise. Therefore I really like this weather we have in Leipzig at the moment. It's quite unusual to have heavy fog several days in a row, but now we have an I love it.

The best experience I ever had with fog happened in Edinburgh. I was walking down Princess street. I walked from the southern end to North Bridge. When I started at the southern end it was sunny, coming up to North Bridge I could barely see the next 30 meters. It was truly amazing to see the fog rolling in. I was probably the only person to enjoy it.


  1. Oh, I love fog too. You caught the autumn colors peeking through the mists beautifully.

    And I haven't come across the author you mentioned but he sounds like a riot! I'll check it out too. xx

  2. Great fog shot! Love the almost invisible great autumn colours.