Smiling Sunday: What makes ME smile

I've been thinking what is my goal for San's Visual Art, what is my calling and these days I think it is to make you smile.

So I'm starting this new series called "Smiling Sunday". I start with me today and next Sunday...

What makes me smile?
- Seeing kids on a freezing November day eating icescream
- Eating my first "Zimtdackel" of the season
- Finding a postcard in my mailbox
- Sitting down in a comfy chair with an awesome Caffe Latte at Coffee Culture on a Sunday morning to enjoy some thinking time
- Watching a beautiful sunset
- Dancing in front of the bathroom mirror while waiting for may clothes to soak
- Sending a postcard to friends and random people around the world
- Thinking of my phototours with Chris
- Finding new comments on this blog and reading them
- Thinking of my friends
- Looking up at a beautiful nightsky and seeing millions of stars
- Taking a stroll along the beach
- Playing Scrabble with friends
- Seeing someone with fantastic style or an awesome accessoire
- Finding the first "Christmas" apples (Red Chief) in stores and indulging in eating them
- Eating something really good
- Listening to "A marshmallow world" by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
- Watching "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" and "Mary Poppins"
- Talking for hours with friends on the phone
- Writing a real letter to good friends
- Finding awesome handmade locally produced stuff on DaWanda, like this notebook
- Listening to Rupert Everetts and Colin Firths version of "Love is in the Air"
- ...

And what makes you smile?

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