Leading the way

No, I didn't row them up. They just lay there when I walked down this path and I found it hilarious so I took the picture.

It's Friday and the weather is horrible. So I will go on with my Spring cleaning. Therefore I've decided to use up and throw out stuff from my pantry. I love teas, so I own quite a lot of them. This goes so far, that when I was flat-sharing I was forbidden to buy any new teas until I used some of mine up. ;-) As my current tea collection is threatening to take over a whole shelf, I've decided to use them up before I buy some new tea.

I will throw out quite a lot of my spices too, because the glasses are just collecting dust and I haven't used them in years. Which means they will have lost there taste anyway. And I won't become like some people, who have spices in their pantry that are more then ten years past their expiry-date.
Leipzig is awesome in so far that there is a spice shop in the city which sells all kinds of loose spices. So I will try out new spices over the next few months.

Do you Spring clean?

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