Withered Barn Series - First Knothole (and my new motto)

Today I'm in a slightly better mood due to my meeting with L yesterday afternoon. She helped me a lot with my portfolio, what I have to do now is ruthlessly edit my pictures down to a handful. Which isn't that easy, I've got more than 2333 pictures ready for publishing on this blog! Anyway, I'll get it done. Thanks to my new motto:

Just do it and then keep going!

It works brilliantly and through doing so I painted some really fun stuff.* Before I would have given up and started over, which stopped my development and left me frustrated. I will use this new motto in all parts of my life now. I have a feeling that this will get me where I want to go!

Another positive thing: I've found the perfect pair of wingtip shoes for me! I've been searching for my perfect pair since the middle of the 1990ies. I'll show them to you soon.

* I'll show you on Monday, to give you a good start into the new week. Yes, I'm that thoughtful. XD

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