Here's looking at you, Babe! - Schau mir ins Auge, Kleines!

This artwork stands in the agra Park, which is shared by Leipzig and Markkleeberg, on Leipzigs side. I took the pic on one of Chris and my Sunday bike tours. I really like this picture.

Yesterday was quite awful, the only time that I felt okay was while I was drawing/painting. It's funny. In January I tried to instill the habit of drawing everyday, hence the 366 project, but it didn't work. But since the 20th February, the first thing that I do after breakfast is drawing/painting. It has become my form of meditation, it's the only thing to quite my mind.
This reminds me of Rainer Maria Rilke, my favorite poet, who once wrote to a young poet. Following his logic, I find that I need to draw/create, therefore I'm an artist at heart and my art that I create because of this need to create is good, no matter what everyone else thinks.

Anyway, this afternoon I will meet with a student of graphic art. She will help me decide upon
how I build up my portfolio. I'm quite excited about it.

Do you feel the need to create? What do you need to create?

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