Lukas vs Winsor & Newton vs Schmincke

Postcard 74/366

This weekend was filled to the brim with artwork. Especially my Sunday, I started with painting right after breakfast, then went to my usual coffee shop to enjoy my Sunday treat (Caffe Latte and nougat waffles), do some pondering and drawing, after that I went home and painted until sunset, after my dinner I immersed myself in the beauty of islamic architecture and ornaments.

During the painting I did get the chance to test three water color manufacturers against each other. Lukas, Winsor & Newton and Schmincke.

Postcard 93/366

In postcard 93 you can see colors from all three manufacturers. Lukas = turquoise, Winsor & Newton = blues, Schmincke = purple. Lukas (cobalt-)turpuoise misses the shine (and the cobalt hue), obviously the pigments aren't of the highest quality, which isn't that surprising considering that the colors cost only 1 third of the Schmincke or Winsor & Newton colors. I guess if you just start out and haven't used Schmincke or Winsor & Newton before, Lukas water colors are just fine. But I started out with Winsor & Newton and find that Lukas colors are inacceptable. I like water colors for their brightness and shine, if I wanted dim colors I would have gone for gouache.

Winsor & Newton vs. Schmincke? Well, I like Schmincke more, the colors have even more brilliance and my local artists supply sells the half pans of them too. However, they only sell full pans of Winsor & Newton, irritatingly most of the W & N paint-boxes are half pans. So when I run out of several colors in my sketchers box I'll switch to a Schmincke paint-box. After all the purple and gold hues are amazing, as you can see below in Postcard 92.

Postcard 92/366

Yesterday evening I started to truly experiment with watercolors and got totally excited about it.

Postcard 96/366

So this morning I booked a water color class at our local adult education center. It starts tonight and I'm quite excited about it.

Now, it's time to get down to my other business. Have a great new week everyone. Do you have any exciting plans?

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  1. I can see the influence of Islamic ornament in your work! And I love Schmincke too-- their metallics are especially far superior to other brands I've tried. (For calligraphy as well.)