Shahrukh Khan's successor (Spoilers)

Shahrukhs successor "Red" the cockatoo, Postcard 44/366

May I introduce you to "Red" the cockatoo, the bookmakers best bet on Shahrukh Khan's successor. In case you don't get it, in Bollywood films it is always extremely windy, even if you are in a perfectly normal british house, the hair of the actors and actresses is always flowing nicely in the wind. And yes he doesn't look happy. This is not something you should do with an aninmal (or person)!

Weeeell, so this is what happens when I adhere to my new motto: Just do it and then keep going. My intention was the following postcard, but instead I ended up with "Red".

Postcard 45/366

Have a great new week!


  1. Haha, cockatoo getting his hair blown is hilarious. The face is great. If you wanted to fool with other techniques you could get yourself a Micron or other simple nib pen and do some outlining. Or, to save your original, you could make a copy and try it on the copy. Just a thought! But mostly do whatever you enjoy. ;)

    And I never noticed that about Bollywood films. Next time I see one I am going to look out for this!

  2. After posting about the lack of a hair dryer, I am immensely amused by your cockatoo! Bollywood films are a hoot! xx