Enjoying the first real Spring day

My perfect Wingtips!

Yesterday came pretty close to my perfect Spring day. Wonderful sunshine, warm enough to lounge for lunch on a wooden park bench, before that enjoying a absolutely fantastic presentation on watercolor (more on that in another post) and some art supply shopping (I've got my A3 ringbound sketchbook, wohoo), enjoying a photographing party in Leipzigs Botanical Garden (pictures coming soon in other posts) and then taking a nap in the sunshine at home with my window wide open, closing the day with a long chat with my friend Chris. Yes, definitely a wonderful day.

My unhealthy but tasty lunch. It's been a spur of the moment decision.

Enjoying the sun and getting some Vitamin D produced after the lunch.

Mind you I only exposed my calves for a few minutes, it was still too cold without the trousers. In any case I wasn't the only one enjoying the sun. There are three benches on both long sides of the Apothecary Garden and on each bench in the sun we launched and enjoyed the sun. The Spring birds were singing too, so I listened to them instead of music. It was quite lovely.

Today it's drab again, but since I have a lot on my agenda for today, that's fine.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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