Spring is coming

Can you feel it? I think this is marvelous. And this brings fantastic opportunities with it. In about two hours I'll be at a watercolor presentation at my local artists supply and afterwards I will take advantage of the spring offers of the supply. The watercolor postcard block I use is considerably lowered in its price, which is good since I currently use up one block every two weeks or so. So I've decided to buy five blocks at once. I'll also buy some brushes, two pans of watercolor (purple and turquoise) for my box and most importantly I'll have a look at passepartouts for my pictures (photography and graphics).

In any case I'm delighted to attend this presentation, it should be interesting to learn more about watercolors and another artists process of creating art. I love to watch artists creating. I really hope to attend that watercolor class, but I won't sign up until the middle of next week for several reasons.

Anyway, I took these flower pictures last June in the Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. They aren't Spring flowers, but I like them. The color and petals arrangement are simply beautiful.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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