A certain calm - Park of Castle Halbturn

Confession: I love baroque. I love Art Nouveau. I love cubism. And while we're at it I love bacon too. Yum.

So the Castle Halbturn at the Neusiedler Lake in Austria is just my cup of tea. The big garden A.K.A. park, the lovely castle with its other buildings, the location, the view. I really enjoyed it to be there. Also I found that I have a thing for the interior design of the 1930s. There is an antique store in the castle and they had the most amazing stool there, but it was way too expensive at the moment for me.

Calm is a thing much needed in todays world, the same applies to humor. So in an attempt to combine calm and good humour I created the ZEN-POSTCARD-SET. I had the idea at the Neusiedler Lake. Might be that I even had it in the beautiful park of Castle Halbturn. So here it is:

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