An artists studio

is the workplace of an artist. In Germany it is called an "Atelier". Personally I'm always imagening a loft with either huge windows and/or skylights and wanted it desperately. Well in british English a studio means a flat with one room for living and sleeping, no extra bedroom.* Now I figured it out, I'm an artist, I live in a studio, therefore it is an artists studio = Atelier. Wohoo. I've got an Atelier.** XD

Now let me introduce you to my new and incredible academy and field easel Ars Nova 41.

It comes as this pretty small and lightly storagable package. And it is made of oiled elm wood ! I never knew what elm wood is used for, nevertheless had seen anything made of it. I have to admit it looks quite nice to me.

Those little details, including the rubber feet and that it has a safe stand and therefore can take a bit of pressure, are the very reasons why I decided to buy this middle priced easel instead of the easel I had chosen first (and was costing almost 50 € less).

The first setup was a bit tricky, as I have never used an easel before. The reason I wanted an easel in the first place was that I want to draw while standing. Which is definitely different from drawing while sitting at a table. Because there is nothing except my muscles to support my arms while drawing at an easel. Therefore it needs some getting used to.

See here my first "vertical" drawing at my easel. It felt quite unusual.

The funny thing is, when I drew for the second time on the easel it felt like coming home, as if it is truly meant to be that I use this tool. What an amazing feeling. So the second thoughts of buying an easel and then such an expensive one have vanished. And I just found out that I can also use it horizontally, just in case I want write a letter standing up. Which I definitely will do this weekend!

Yep, I can safely say I LOVE my new easel.

*In Germany you count all of the rooms (without kitchen and bath), in GB the number of the bedrooms.
** Yes, I am a nutcase. ;)

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