Cityview with pumpkins

Good morning everyone. A new day, a new month, a new life for meeee ... and I'm feeling good.*

Yesterday was not only a better day, but a great day because I finally ... created my logo.** Which also led to the really surprising and to me groundbreaking realization that I actually love my own handwriting. Now you may ask what is so special about that? Well, for the last 24 years I was either told by other people or I told it to myself that I have a crappy handwriting. Because it isn't that accurate, readable and same staying as they or I would've liked. My handwriting changes from day to day and even within a sentence that I jot down. Now while I was creating different logo versions of San's Visual Art, I always ended up liking my own handwriting more than anything I've manufactured. So that was how it dawned on me. It is totally my own handwriting, unreproducable and everchanging, the same as I am. So my logo is in my own handwriting.

Another thing that dawned on me yesterday when I was in the city and saw some business men in suits, I don't like business men in suits anymore. Seems as if the fact, that I have decided that I don't have to belong to this kind of business world anymore has freed my taste from common expectations. Because I've also found that I now dislike those sleek and often cold interior designs by architectural design mags. Before yesterday I always liked those clean and reduced houses, maybe because I thought that this way an engineer and business woman has to live. Changes, multiple changes day by day. Life is amazing isn't it?

Okay, now it's time for me to create the "Zen Postcard Set by San's Visual Art" for my friend D, who is celebrating his birthday today. I'll show you pics of it tomorrow. It's kind of a joke, the set not the party. His main present is something I brought with me from Rust, Austria.  After that I head to the city to get some coconut milk and green tea. And then I will paint the rest of my new and totally awesome shelf.

Enjoy your Saturday.

* sang in my Michael Bublé voice ;)
** before I show it to you it has to be touched up by a graphic designer that I know. Gimp and I are still barely on speaking terms.

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