Magic instead of obstacles

Another hint on how we should approach life, love and art: to look for magic instead of obstacles. It seems that I get thrown tons of wisdom at me through the movies that I watch recently. This one came from "My big fat greek summer" a movie from and with Nia Vardalos. In which "Irv" played by Richard Dreyfuss says to Nia:

"Georgia, you are looking for obstacles rather than looking for magic."

And you know what? I realized that was/is true for myself too. Now, I always loved magic and I often wished it was part of my life. Sometimes I caught a glimpse of it, in the way the clouds billow up to fantastic shapes, in flukes or stories. A few weeks back I decided to make my whole life into a piece of art, to make it kinda into an old glamorous movie. However I always found reasons to stall this. I don't have the kind of clothes, I don't have the kind of flat, I don't have this, I don't have that. So instead of looking for the magic in every part of my life, I looked and realized the obstacles to get the life that I want for myself. Now, I'll start looking for the magic in my life and if there are obstacles coming up in my way I will overcome them!!

This picture taken in the "Ozeaneum" in Stralsund symbolizes this overcoming of obstacles for me. To be abled to dive in this huge tank the divers/humankind had to overcome lots of obstacles and now there was created this magical moment that I preserved for time with this picture.

Floating weightless in this magical space created by so many different people.

How amazing.

Have a magical Saturday everyone.

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  1. So true - why do we always think of obstacles instead of experiencing the magic? There is so much beauty and magic in the everyday. We just have to look for it!