House instead of creative work

When I left the dentist yesterday at 11:30 AM, I was in no mood to go to the Designers'Open. So I just went to my favourite Starbucks and had a Double Chocolate Muffin and a Chocolate Mocha for Breakfast. Yes, the dentist had given me the okay to eat and thanks to the pain killer I was reasonably well. So I waited until the shops opened, bought some pain killers specifically for my toothproblem and some black photo boards to be the background when I take new pictures of my new and old artwork. After that I did take a stroll through the park near the monument of the battle of the nations and then walked home over Leipzigs Southern Graveyard, which is amazing and calm and relaxing and beautiful. After that I did some of the housework that I hadn't had the energy for during the last weeks and then I finished the scarf for my friend and watched dvds.

What did you do on your Sunday?

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