Can't contain natures beauty

See, these are the pictures I love to create. This one I took at Leipzigs graveyard north.

I've been to another old graveyard in Leipzig yesterday and I took some nice pictures. While I strolled over the grounds I thought about my life and my choice of profession. I'm an engineer with an emphasis on knowledge and information transfer, that's what I studied. I'm a project leader for knowledge transferring events, that's what I was trained for at my first real job and I'm good at it.

What makes me happy is creating things and so I'm wondering if I should have gone into craftsmanship. Maybe I should have become a cabinet maker and then trained to become a restorer of old furniture? (A classmate of mine did so.) While walking over the graveyard I realized I could still make that switch! But I also realized not too long ago, that I really don't want to go back to school, be it university or vocational school. A few weeks back I checked out Leipzigs famous art university because I thought about studying photography there. However when I read up on the curriculum and organization of the course I realized that I would have 3 years of basic studies and only then get to develop my own personal style. And no, this isn't what I want. Learning stuff that I neither like nor need for my art just to pass the tests, just to get an degree? I've gone through that more often than I can count. I won't do this again. Period.

However I will take evening classes, just for the fun of learning something new in the field I'm currently interested in. And those fields are changing quite often. ;)

Have you thought about your choice of profession lately? Has it been the right choice for you? Would you like to switch and if you do what to?

I wish you all a wonderful new week. Make the best of it.

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  1. so beautiful! I love the fish eye perspective! thanks for the b-day wishes!