Post 555: Perfection and Yogi Tea

Most of us photobloggers only present the best pics we have made. I'm often wowed at the prowess of each of you. 

And I'm sure that for every pic posted there are countless misses.* When you photograph with a digital camera, getting rid of crappy pictures is really easy, photographing with an analog camera you are often stuck with the bad pics because most of the time the perfect pic is on the same piece of film as the miss.

As I'm a bit different, I have also posted some of the misses. Not so much because I wanted to show the world that it is okay to fail, but because I held the drilled in believe that my photography isn't good enough anyway. Same goes for my drawings.

Have you ever heard of Yogi Tea? They produce ayurvedic infusions.** The fun part is that on the little piece of paper at the other end of the string of every teabag, they have printed a small aphorism. Which makes it fun to play little mind games*** and it's always fun to drink some of the tea.

Now, if you have followed my blog(s) closely, you know that I'm right in the middle of a huge self changing process, growing up, coming into my own, call it what you like. Funnily enough the universe, life or the Flying Spaghetti Monster support my moving into the artistic direction. And so does Yogi Tea, whenever I'm not sure of my artistic prowess and therefore if I have any right to call myself an artist I seem to draw a teabag that says in one way or another that I should forget what happened in the past (that I believed I'm not qualified to be an artist) and to move on and look forward. See that's why I love Yogi Tea (and my little mind games).

I now know and believe that I AM A GOOD ARTIST. I SURE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

What means all of this for this website of mine? From now on you will find even better pictures here on this blog, mainly photographies and some drawings. There will be even better products in my shop and I will eventually take on assignments in my chosen skill fields. 

I will also get some stuff I need such as a charging cable, a logo, a good scanner, a good printer (if only I knew which one) and a Canon EOS 600D and maybe a vacuum cleaner. ;) One thing at a time.

For now I wish you a wonderful Sunday and hope you enjoy the pictures of the park around the Silver Lake in Leipzigs south.

* Even so, I often fall into the mindtrap to think that everyone else is a better photographer than I am. That every single pic of this person is a study of perfection. Even though I know that's not true.
** I recommend the Classic.
*** Last week I wasn't sure if it was right to have bought the shoes. So I "asked" my teabags and I drew "Who treads softly goes far", therefore my shoes were the right choice. XD


  1. i love my yogi tea... i have it every day like 3 different kinds... hope you're having a great weekend!!!

  2. Oh I love that concept! I've never heard of yogi tea - but we have a.. totally blanking on the name of the big store, the big American health food chain.. Whole Foods! I'm sure they've got it. I love anything that's like that. In fact just before I replied to you on my own blog (copied below, because it's ridiculous to reply on one's own post) I had just laid out the Runes. I love the randomness of these questions and answers.

    And I love these photos. And I, too, put my 'mistakes' on my blog, for kind of the same reason. To forgive myself. To learn. To grow. And also because I believe that out of the mistakes - the out takes - and the risks we take, personally and creatively - is where the real inspiration, and sometimes genius, takes place.

    i remember one time getting flak (anonymously, of course), for doing blurry photos in a post - even tho I had explained my reasons for the blurs IN THE POST. I replied that whoever this was, that I was sorry they didn't like it, and to please send me a self addressed envelope, with postage, and I'd gladly refund their money.

    Okay, here's what I wrote:
    San: I was out since I posted this and I've been thinking of you a lot the past week plus, and meaning to write back. Thank you - I will find it and reply in the morning (I'm just typing this fast while my husband is watching something on TV, but I know any minute he's going to need my attention).

    Now to see if I can reply in time.. before he wants to watch the film we've rented. Thank you for writing - and for your patience ; ) x