Getting as restless as the mighty sea

Would you have asked me a week ago if I would like to move to another city, I would've said no. But the tide has finally changed enough to see what's happening with me and I just realized that I'm getting restless again. I want to move on to another town. I've been back to Leipzig for almost 2 years now (only one week missing) and I have the impression that two years is for me the point when I get restless and want to move on. It has been this way in Stralsund and Villingen and it is so in Leipzig too. I don't know yet if it is because I'm a wanderer or if I just haven't found the place where I belong. I thought that I belong in Leipzig, but now I don't think so anymore.

You see my motto is: "The world is big and colorful and I want to see a lot of it." Therefore I think it is only natural that I want to live in different cities.

This feeling of restlessness is the reason that I show you those pictures from my Ireland vacation in 2009. I took them at the port of Doolin when we waited for the ferry to Kilronin on Inishmore (Aran Islands). It was a wonderful day, it was a wonderful vacation.


  1. I am always mesmerised by the restless nature of the sea. I wish you joy in finding where you want to be (even if you discover that you want to be exactly where you are...)

  2. Beautiful series! I just love the sea.