Yarn Bombing at the Neusiedler Lake, Austria - Strickgraffiti

This was the first time I encountered this in real life. I had seen some of this in the Photodiarist blog before. There are Yarn Bombers in Leipzig too and I will show you some pics of Leipzig soon. I found those yarn bombings in Leipzig only after I had seen those in Austria.

Anyway, more on this topic here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yarn_bombing

I think this yarn bombing is a fabulous idea. What do you think about it?

Are there some yarn bombers where you live? If so want to share some pictures? Post them on your blog, comment here and I'll link to your post.


  1. I love yarn bombing (also known as guerilla knitting). we have a yarn bomber in our village - I must take photos next time she (he?) strikes. It's so uplifting.