I just love using the macro function on my IXUS. Enjoy your Sunday.

Yesterday was the birthday party of my friend D. He got one of my creative gift sets, well he kinda asked for it and I obliged because it is fun. For him I created a "relaxation set", it consisted of: a bottle of young wine (2011) from Austria, some tea candles, the current longplayer of Clueso and the ZEN-POSTCARD-SET by San's Visual Art. Since he liked the whole present very much I'm feeling quite satisfied. ;)

I also got presents from K and D, an A3 sketch block and a "gift certificate" for an art supply. Since the supply has a sale on, I will go shopping next week. There is a long list of stuff that I need such as A2 format paper, a pocket calendar for 2012, an A2 drawing board and an easel, at least 2 postcard blocks, some pens, a transport roll, a book about getting a gallery to represent me, etc, etc.

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