2 years, 665 posts, countless changes - a Blog-Birthday

Exactly two years ago I started this blog with this post. The blogs name by then was "The Man-Made Project", I had just bought my Lomo Fisheye No. 2 and had the idea to take pictures of normal everyday stuff but with a twist. I soon broadened this blogs horizon. Last year I forgot about this blogs birthday (blog birthday post 2011).

During the last two years I truly learned to photograph, specializing in Fisheye and Macro Photography without ever having planned to do so and changed personally a lot (back then I was a platinum blonde). I think it is save to say this blog evolves with me. I changed the layout, name, projects and goals along with my personal development. Two years ago the blog was just for my lomographies, now I share all my photography and my other artistic ventures. In my last post I shared my first ever illustration of a certain topic and who knows what the next years will bring? A wedding gig this summer for sure but aside from that...

And I have absolutely no issues with calling myself a photographer now. Monday I got another film back and with this I achieved something that I thought I would never-ever be abled to do. And that is, in my opinion, a sign of a true pro photographer: a film full of stunning photographies, without any bad pictures whatsoever.

So yeah, after 2 years of self training I am proud to call myself a photographer, specialized in Fisheye and Macro Photography.  I think getting to this stage with my illustration will take at least 2 years too, probably more. But I will have fun getting there.

So I hope you come along on this way.