Childhood Memories - The Concrete Elephant Slide and the Climbing Frame

It seems as if Thursdays become my exploration days. This Thursday I was restless again and in desperate need to see something new. Therefore I went out to use the nice weather photographing (it was sunny when I left home). I went by street car to the "Palm Tree Garden", which incidentally doesn't have any palm trees anymore. The garden is situated on the other bank of the Elster river, the bank that I had no memory of ever exploring it. Which is quite ridiculous since there are more than enough bridges to it.

Anyway, I explored it and found this playground containing this huge elephant slide made of concrete and the climbing frame. The usual concrete elephant slides that I remember were smaller than this one and had no metal chute.* Personally I always loved those old elephant slides. And the swings. As a matter of fact I still love swings and enjoy them occasionally. "Never lose your childish innocence" Katherine and Fefe from "Under the tuscan sun".

Today is my Offline-Sunday again (Caffe Latte, Waffles, no computer, no (cell-)phone, no wristwatch). Hope you enjoy your Sunday too.

* I'll eventually take a picture of one of those for you.


  1. The coolest slide I've seen. Love this Dumbo and all shots are great!

  2. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love that slide!! I'm sure the kids are crazy about it too. Great find!