Watercolors - such fun

Postcard 36/366

A few weeks back at the illustration workshop I got to try Gouache colors, I didn't like them as I told you before. Instead I had a strong feeling that watercolors would be just my cup of tea. After I tried them today I know that I absolutely LOVE them. It's such fun to use them. I love that I can be inaccurate when using them and it just looks great.

Postcard 37/366

Those three cards are the first time since art class in school that I used watercolors (that has been at least 16 years since) and I just love those cards.

Postcard 38/366

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  1. Du entwickelst Dich weiter, tolle Kombi... mal sehen, was als nächstes kommt. Ich bin gespannt. Im übrigen gefällt mir das oberste Bild am besten. Es wirkt so (manchmal sind Worte schwierig zu finden, deswegen...) "fluffig", schwungsvol, leichtl und belebend.

    Liebe Grüße aus den bayerischen Landen