Finally Finished - the San's Visual Art - Logo

More than four months ago I set out to create my logo. I had waited until that time, because I first wanted my trademark to be registered. Still I had already tried some designs before but never liked any of them enough to go on with them.

So by the end of September 2011 I sat down and started to create countless different versions until I finally came up with this one. This was the logo

I send to my graphic artist with whom I had worked before. I trust this graphic artist because he knows what I like and balances it out. In short we are a really great team.

Over the next months we've exchanged versions of the logo, one idea gave way to another. And then last week we nailed it. So this is it:

My SAN'S VISUAL ART - Logo. I really like it. Colorful, stylish and still easily readable. What do you think?

Now that I have this lovely thing, it was time to change the blog-design. I'm still working on it, so expect ongoing changes during the next week or so.

Today I'll meet with some other DaWanda-Shop-Owners from Leipzig. I love these meet-ups.

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