Spring is coming, but no new music

When I walked to my dentists appointment at dusk yesterday evening the Spring birds were singing and the air felt like velvet. I love this kind of air, when everything becomes soft and the light brush of wind feels like a loving caress and as if someone is ruffling lovingly your hair. *sigh*

These days I feel like I'm becoming more and more myself. Something is definitely shifting. On Tuesday as rotten as it was, something big shifted. It felt like years passed in hours. I had the exact same feeling on the Tuesday before Christmas.

What is also changing are my expenses. For almost 20 years I spent quite a lot of my income on music. But I haven't bought one single song since November. I also don't lend CDs from the public library anymore. In fact I'm starting to listen to my vast collection of music. Currently I listen a lot to Matchbox Twenty, Hootie & the Blowfish, The Goo Goo Dolls and Tom Jones. I'm obviously not running from myself anymore, I'm starting to truly accept myself on a very basic level.
However my mind hasn't caught up with this development. It's funny (and annoying) how often during the last weeks and months I wanted to go music shopping (online and second-hand music stores or library) and whenever I did, I found that I'm not interested in anything. Nevertheless there is not a day passing by when I'm not thinking of buying some new music. I'm sure I will buy the new John Mayer LP whenever that comes out, but until then ...
But beware of me going to my local artists supply, then I really get into shopping mood. Good thing I'm now making it a point to pay cash, this way I'm abled to reign in my spending. Anyway, I've decided to gift myself a starters box of water-colours at Easter.

So what kind of music do you like lately? Any new artists?

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  1. This one gets addictive after a while :)