Withered Barn Series - Details One + a vote

News on the food front: My body voted yes for dairy-free too. I've got mixed feelings about this.

On one side I'm happy, because now I know how to get my skin in order and how to lean out effectively until summer skirts and dresses are back in season. But it also means that now I really have to think ahead when it comes to eating and I have to change my grocery shopping too. After just 5 days I'm already running out of olive oil, a bottle that had stood on my shelve untouched for months before because I used mostly butter.
Another positive thing from those 3 grain-, sugar- and dairy-free days was that I found that I do have the willpower to fight down chocolate-cravings, that is under perfect circumstances. I would probably succumb under stress. And I need to have a chocolate-free home. Any chocolate in and I would succumb.

Anyway, yesterday I shortly pondered if I still should do my Sunday ritual of Caffe Latte (milk), steamed milk with Amaretto-flavour (milk and sugar-molasses) and nougat waffles (grain, dairy and sugar) or if I should stick to simple tea instead. I've decided it is Sunday and I need it for my psyche. Well, might change my mind on this on the upcoming Sunday, depending on how my skin looks by then.

I wish all of you a wonderful new week.


  1. I'm glad you gave yourself the Sunday indulgence. I think you can get a lot of benefit from cutting out most of something, and still fit in a few servings once in a while. Maybe as you go on you will pick the latte or the waffles instead of both. But either way, it sounds like you're doing well!

    The logo looks good! I think keeping the fancy doodle to one side instead of all around is a nice touch.

  2. I like this photo quite a bit! Love the depth of field.