Easter came quite early this year

As you can see I went on a shopping spree this Saturday. Initially I hadn't planned to go to the artists supply this early again, but then I snapped.
The trigger was my "Ratzefummel", my (kneading) eraser, it was so dirty that I really couldn't or want to use it anymore and my other erasers weren't fit for that kind of accurate erasing that I need to do with my graphic designs. So this lovely white Ratzefummel that you see in the pic above had to be it. Naturally I didn't just buy the eraser, I've also got another Copic Multiliner, with a 0.25 nib. I find that it glides smoother and is much more stable than the 0.1 nib. I like drawing with it.

Then I decided that I wouldn't wait until Easter and got myself watercolors, the Sketchers Pocket Box of Winsor & Newton. I'll probably try them today.

And last but not least, I bought the cut magazine, which is incidentally not on illustration or graphic art but about clothing design. Now I don't want to start making clothes, but from all the books and mags they had on offer (which is a lot) this mag was the only one that has an interesting layout, design and interesting article and language. It's a wonderful magazine, so interesting and inspiring.

As you can see I've already sorted out some colors, I won't need white or ochre. Ochre is a color that I despise, I literally hate it. So, there is no chance that I will ever again have it in my watercolor box. Instead I'll get turquoise and purple.

What colors do you like or dislike?

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