Stylish Company

I'm in very stylish company in this picture. It's actually the shadow of a statue in the castle park of Wolkenburg. Oh, I like this picture soooo much. :-)

Today is another Offline-Sunday (no computer, no phone, no watch) for me and I direly need it. In the last 2 days the Breaking Weeks seemed to accelerate or climax. With this came a realization that...changes things quite a bit for me.

Thursday brought something to a very welcomed finish that I had been working on, on and off, for 4 months. So next week there'll be some changes around here.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Oh I am so curious what it is! I'd love to hear about it - privately, if you'd rather - and it's funny, how parallel our lives are in a sense. I too have had a month of Offline Sundays - I might even borrow (& credit, of course) that phrase in my post this morning.

    Came here to think you for your good wishes, and your thoughts. I've felt guilty that I haven't returned the kindness to anyone for so long - if someone takes the time to leave a comment, it feels the polite thing to visit their blog. And yet, in order to complete my project of the past few months, I kind of went on a 'blog-visit' fast.

    Haha: it really is feast or fast with me! I'd better shut up now. But I'd love to hear more about what these changes are.