Withered Barn Series - Along the long side

Oh my, I LOOOVE this series. Ahhh. It's pictures like this, when I know I am an artist. I will definitely make prints of this series, frame them and put them on my walls.

Things finally seem to come together for me. I finally got rid of a bad habit, a habit of rebellion that I had for 28 years. So I'm proud on myself for achieving this. I've also been eating grain- , sugar- and dairy-free for the last 2 days. Considering that I'm in my monthly chocolate-craving week this is quite an outstanding feat. In any case I'm currently obsessed with creamy scrambled eggs, I ate them 3 times yesterday, 2 of those servings in the evening because of the chocolate craving. This amounts to 12 eggs yesterday. Well, it helped to straighten out my serotonin levels and beat my chocolate craving so I'm fine with it. Now I just have to buy enough eggs for today, tomorrow and Monday morning, since I guess that the chocolate craving will stay around for a few more days.

Yesterday afternoon I rearranged furniture in my studio. So now my easel is standing ready to use right beside my bed and at the northern end of my room, which is the career part of my studio if I follow Feng Shui. I'm no absolute devotee to Feng Shui, but it's the best place for my easel anyway, so it fits and maybe it helps.

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  1. I bet you will notice quite a difference going grain and sugar free! I sure did!!