Concentrating on the bigger picture - A photographic illustration

For years I've been concentrating on the details, shutting out the big picture. The reason? I felt like I could control the minutiae, but not the big picture. However, yesterday I realized, that I got lost in the details and through that destroyed the big picture I've been trying to create. (Well, this realization had already been simmering under the surface for quite a while. It often surfaced when I pondered my skin troubles. But I didn't fully realize that it encompasses all other areas of my life too.)

For example I did this with my skin, obsessing over blackheads but not getting the overall skin care dialed in. The daily "end" result: "Streuselkuchen"-Skin (no, this isn't medical term). Same goes for my drawings, obsessing over little mistakes, that won't be recognized, until you take a magnifying glass. Food? Same story. Applications? What do you think?

So, yesterday I've decided to concentrate on the big picture instead of the minutiae.

This is the reason for this series of photographs they illustrate this journey from the minutiae (not even seeing the water because of all the weeds) to the big picture (the open sea of possibilities or in this case the open lake, the Neusiedler Lake in Austria to be exact). I think I'm currently somewhere

in between. Not completely free, but I can see my way and more, the weeds are on the sidelines, but sometimes still getting in the way. It is as Mark Twain said: “A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.”

Do you fall into the minutiae trap sometimes? How do you get out?

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  1. Beautiful picture! =)